Executive Director recognises the hard work of teachers

Greg enjoying his time at St Angela
Greg with Assistant Principal and Principal at St Angela's Primary, Castle Hill

Executive Director of Schools, Greg Whitby visited Our Lady of Lourdes (OLOL) Primary, Baulkham Hills South and St Angela’s Primary, Castle Hill to meet with students, staff and school leaders this week.

Greg met with OLOL Principal, Steven Haskins, Assistant Principal, Paul Battikha and Religious Education Coordinator, Jennifer Peters to discuss the work of teachers, school achievements in learning and teaching, as well as ways to recognise teaching staff for their work.

In the Kindergarten classroom, students were learning about literacy with all students broken off into smaller groups. Some read books to Greg while others taught him how to write letters using an iPad. When asked what they enjoyed about school, many answered ‘playing’ and ‘reading’.

Steven said the teachers are working very hard to give students the best education possible.

‘The data walls in particular are helping teachers put a face to the name,’ Steven said. ‘They really help us understand our students on a deeper level and help us work with them in the areas they need support in,’ Steven said.

St Angela’s Primary Principal, Tony Calabria and school captains, Amy Gibbons and Zane Smolinski met Greg at the school entrance. Greg joined staff for morning tea and introduced himself to seven university teaching students completing their practical teaching at St Angela’s. 

Greg visited Year 5 students who were completing a maths task.. Greg asked a number of maths questions and was amazed to meet Year 5’s ‘mathematical genius’, Josh Bautista who correctly answered all questions. 

In the Kindergarten learning space, Greg listened in on a group reading session and was told by many students why learning to read was very important.

Greg said that he was very impressed with the outstanding commitment of teachers and leaders at both schools.

‘We need to find ways to really recognise the hard work and efforts put in by our teaching staff because the work they do for our students is truly remarkable,’ Greg said.

Greg gets taught how to write letters on an iPad at Our Lady of Lourdes, Baulkham Hills South
Greg gets taught how to write letters on an iPad at Our Lady of Lourdes, Baulkham Hills South