St Angela's Castle Hill Newsletters

Sending Home Information and News about Education (SHINE)

The weekly newsletter to parents is sent home every Thursday. The newsletter includes the principal’s message; items pertaining to curriculum issues; students’ achievements and sporting results; dates of all the school’s activities; reminders; school procedures of safety; general notices; parish news and CEDP information.

Latest Issue

  2021 Term 2 Week 8

Principal's Message, Religious Education, Semester One Learning Reports, Parent/Teacher Interviews, Children's Workbooks Coming Home, Peer Support, Premier's Reading Challenge


  Term 2 Week 7

Family Week, Working in Partnership, Social Justice and Supporting Charitable Works, Religious Education, Children's Work Books Coming Home, Premier's Reading Challenge, Debating, Waste Free Wednesday, Year 4 Cockatoo Island Excursion, TTFM Survey, Mobile Phones at School, Year 6 Visit Canberra

  2021 Term 2 Week 6

Principal's Message, Staffing News, Family Reading Afternoon, Religious Education, Uniform, Premier's Reading Challenge, National Simultaneous Storytime, Waste-free Wednesday, Term 2 School Fees, Debating, Sports News,

  Term 2 Week 5

Principal's Message, School Hours and Supervision, We Would Love to Hear from You to Help us Improve the Education we Provide, Family Week Reading Afternoon, Religious Education, Upcoming dates, Premier's Reading Challenge, Debating, Peer Support, Band, Mid Year Reports, Parent/Teacher Interviews

  2021 Term 2 Week 4

Principal's Message, School Promotional Photo shoot, COVID Information, Religious Education, Family Week Reading Afternoon, Dance for Sick Kids, Peer Support, Premier's Reading Challenge

  2021 Term 2 Week 3

Principal's Message, NAPLAN, Religious Education, Upcoming dates, Student Absence, Crazy Hair and Hat Day, Peer Support, Diocesan Cross Country, Star Spot, Premier's Reading Challenge, Dance for Sick Kids

  2021 Term 2 Week 2

Principal's Message, Religious Education, Mother's Day, Peer Support Training, Sports News, Upcoming Dates, Crazy Hair or Hat Day, Reminder about transition to Winter Uniform, May is Scholastic National Family Reading Month

  2021 Term 2 Week 1

Principal's Message, Religious Education, Happy Birthday, Mother's Day, Peer Support Training, Upcoming Dates, Cross Country Thank You, Prayers, Congratulations, Sent Home This Week

  2021 Term 1 Week 10

Principal's Message, Religious education, Upcoming dates, 2021 Reading Challenge, Thank You, Year 6 Photographic Display, Fun Ideas to encourage Reading for Pleasure, Kindergarten 2022, Stay Safe these April Holidays, Star Spot,


Principal's Message, Religious Education, School Uniforms - Changeover to Winter Uniform, Second Hand Uniform Sale, Donations of Second Hand Uniform, Qkr!, Naplan Dates, Cross Country Rescheduled to Term 2, School Photo Day,

  2021 Term 1 Week 8

Principal's Message, Easter Treats at School, Reminder to Parents Collecting Walkers in the Afternoon, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, School Photo Day, NAPLAN Practice Test, Cross Country, We are Open, Happy Birthday

  2021 Term 1 Week 7

Catholic School's Fortnight, Religious Education, St Patrick's dy, Upcoming dates, Safety Around the school, Parents meeting Walkers in the Afternoon, Cross Country, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Canteen, Star Spot

  2021 Term 1 Week 6

2021 Catholic Schools Week "200 Years of Catholic Education", Religious Education, 2021 Premier's Reading Challenge, Upcoming Dates, Star Spot, Celebrating Our Gifts, Parent Representative Council AGM Postponement

  2021 Term 1 Week 5

Principal's message, Religious Education, Sports News, Star Spot, Important Allergy Information, Email Procedures, School Fees, Drop off at the front gate in the mornings, Kiss and Drop in the morning and Car Pick up in the afternoon

  2021 Term 1 Week 4

Principal's Message, Religious Education, Kindergarten 2022 Open Day, Important Safety Reminders Around the School at Drop Off and Pick Up Times, Why is my Child's Teacher out of Class?, Our Lenten Journey towards Easter Medication Forms

  2021 Term 1 Week 3

Principal's Message, Religious Education, Important Message for Parents Meeting Students who use the"Walkers" Going Home Arrangement, Book Club, Class Parent Representatives, Kindergarten 2022 Open Day, From the School Counsellor, Sports News, Library Days

  2021 Term 1 Week 2

Principal's Message, Parent Teacher Meetings, Parent Calendar, Religious Education, School Leaders, Virtual Grade Information Sessions, Sports News, Safer Internet Day, Kindergarten 2022 Open Day Enrolment Information Sessions, School Census Day, School Fees 2021

  2020 Term 4 Week 9

Principal's Message, Staffing Announcements for 2021, Class Teachers, St Angela's Feast day, Religious Education, Mathematical Assessment Interview, Competitors Swimming Carnival News, New Families BBQ, Christmas Treats

  2020 Term 4 Week 8

Principal's Message, Mathematical Assessment Interview Appointment Bookings for Wed 27th and Thursday 28th January, Semester Two Reports on Compass Parent Portal, St Angela's Feast Day Celebration Monday 15th December, New Families BBQ, 2021 Prescribed Medication Forms, Religious Education, Christmas Treats, Star Spot, Christmas Story, Shine Quest, Class of 2020

  2020 Term 4 Week 7

Principal's Message, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Semester Two Reports, Christmas Treats, Readers and Library Books, Oz Fashions, Summer Reading Challenge, 7 Great things about Christmas, Christmas Hamper Appeal for 2020

  2020 Term 4 Week 6

Principal's Message, Summer Reading Challenge, 7 Great things about Christmas, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Vacation Care, School Band, Happy Birthday, Celebrating Our Gifts, St Vincent de Paul Christmas hampers Appeal

  2020 Term 4 Week 5

Principal's Message, 2021 Mathematical Assessment Interviews, Reminder, School Fees, End of Year Reports, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Mission Markets, Year 1 Bee-Bot Incursion, School Fees

  2020 Term 4 Week 4

St Angela's Celebrates Grandparents Day, Compass parent Portal, COVID Negative Test Results, Religious Education, Mission Markets, International Teachers' Day, Qkr!, St Angela's School band, Sports News, Important Allergy Information

  2020 Term 4 Week 3

Principal's Message, God Loves Teachers, Religious Education, Year 6 Refunds, Reminder- Student and staff Testing for COVID 19, Kindergarten 2021 Orientation Information, St Angela's School Band, Author Visit

  2020 Term 4 Week 2

Principal's Message, Book Character Parade, Religious Education, Competitor Swimming Carnival (Student Only), Kindergarten 2021 Orientation Information, Canteen, School Travel - Term 4 2020, Celebrating Our Gifts, Baby News, Prayers

  2020 Term 4 Week 1

Principal's Message, Kindergarten 2021 Orientation Programme, Best Wishes, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, St Angela's Debating Competition 2020, School Fees, Playground Equipment, Welcome, Baby Girl, Book Character Parade, School Hats, Star Spot, Book Club

  2020 Term 3 Week 10

Principal's Message, Book Character Parade, Religious Education, Student Data Validation, New Curriculum for Religious Education, Keeping Our School Safe in a COVID 19 World, Grooming and Uniform Reminders, Holiday e-safety, Year 5 PBL, Sport Days for Term 4, Change of School 2021

  2020 Term 3 Week 9

Principal's message, Free Movies for Students on Clickview, Religious Education, Kindergarten Orientation 2021, Peer Support, Congratulations, Year 3 Mercy day, Celebrating Our Gifts, Happy Birthday, St Angela's Debating

  2020 Term 3 Week 8

Principal's Message, Traffic Around the School, Safety Online, Peer Support, Upcoming Dates, Dance Fever Extravaganza, Sports Uniform, Religious Education, R U OK?, Support Services for Students and Parents

  2020 Term 3 Week 7

Principal's Message, Uniform Choice, St Angela's Debating Competition 2020, Religious Education, Dance Fever, School Absences, Peer Support, Mufti day for Beirut, Year 1 Fairytale Fiasco, Premier's Reading Challenge, Please Keep in Your Prayers

  2020 Term 3 Week 6

Principal's Message, Father's Day Stall, Why is my Child's Teacher out of Class?, Religious Education, Safe and Caring School Survey, Student Absence, Peer Support, Celebrating Our Gifts, Change of School 2021

  2020 Term 3 Week 5

Principal's Message, Updated Advice from the NSW Government to Schools Regarding COVID-19, Religious Education, Music, kiss and Drop, Mufti Day, TTFM Survey, School and Complaint Handling, Peer Support

  2020 Term 3 Week 4

Principal's Message, TTFM Partners in Learning Survey, Peer Support, Staff Leave, Religious Education, Voice of Youth, Building Child safe Communities, Premier's Reading Challenge, Happy Birthday, Celebrating Our Gifts, Oakhill Basketball Enrolments

  2020 Term 3 Week 3

Principal's Message, Staff Professional Learning Twilight Meeting, Jeans for Genes, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Peer Support, Parking in Harrington Rd, 2020 Non-Government School Census Collection Notice, Year 4 Walkathon, Premier's Reading Challenge, eSafety Webinar for Parents/Carers, Celebrating Our Gifts

  2020 Term 3 Week 2

Principal's Message, Zone Athletics Carnival, Fathers Day Stall, Tell Them From Me Parent Survey, Religious Education, School census Day, Peer Support, Jeans for Genes, ACARA Collection, Premiers's Reading Challenge

  2020 Term 3 Week 1

Principal's Message, Important School Procedures for Parents, Traffic Reminders Around the School, Religious Education, Peer Support, COSHC, OLOR Parish First Communion Masses, Uniform Reminder, Sport Uniform Days, Premier's Reading Challenge

  2020 Term 2 Week 10

Principal's Message, Rebooting some of our activities in Term 3, School Hours and Late Arrivals, Holiday e-safety, Minimising Transactions Involving Cash, CEDP Primary Sport Representative Events Cancelled, Dance Fever, School Photos

  2020 Term 2 Week 9

The Power of Prayer, Parent Teacher Interviews, Year 4 Walkathon, Staff Development day, Religious Education, School Photo Day, Premier's Reading Challenge, Baby Boy, School Fees 2020, Hillsbus School Service Changes, Happy Birthday, Celebrating Our Gifts

  2020 Term 2 Week 8

Principal's Message, Health and Hygiene, Parent Teacher Interviews, Rainbow Day, Building Child safe Communities - Volunteer Undertaking, Religious Education, Happy Birthday, Premier's Reading Challenge, Staff Development Day

  2020 Term 2 Week 7

Principal's Message, Semester One Reports and Optional Parent Teacher Interviews, Individually we are each one colour, together we make a rainbow Mufti Day, Religious Education, Staff Development Day, Happy Birthday, Premier's Reading Challenge

  2020 Term 2 Week 6

Principal's Message, Family Week, Individually We Are Each One Together We Make a Rainbow, Parent Feedback Forms Returned, Staff Development Day, Religious Education, Premier's Reading Challenge, National Simultaneous Storytime

  2020 Term 2 Week 5

Principal's Message, Semester One Learning Report, Some Morning Arrival Reminders, Band Classes Recommence in Week 6, Religious Education, Birthday Wishes, Premier's Reading Challenge, Star Spot, Baby Boy, Please keep in your Prayers

  2020 Term 2 Week 4

Principal's Message,Changing Going Home Arrangements, Full Time Return to School Monday 25th May 2020, Religious Education, Semester One School Reports, Throwback Thursday, Parent Calendar for Term 2, School Absences

  2020 Term 2 Week 3

Principal's Message, Gradual Return to School Plan, Star Spot, Religious Education, Happy Birthday, 2020 Premier's Reading challenge, Year 4 Yellow Zooming with Father Alejandro, Sent Home This Week

  2020 Term 2 Week 2

Principal's Message, Building Work, Religious Education, Happy Birthday, Star Spot, Premier's Reading Challenge, Sent Home this Week

  2020 Term 2 Week 1

Principal's Message, COVID 19 - A Prayer of Solidarity, Welcome, Transition Back to School Arrangements for Term 2, School Routes - Samantha Riley Drive Upgrade, Religious Education, Happy Birthday

  2020 Term 1 Week 10

Principal's Message, Advising Student Absences during the COVID-19. Happy Birthday, Religious Education, Sent Home This Week

  2020 Term 1 Week 9

Farewell and Welcome. Transitioning the students into an online approach to learning and teaching for both the students at school and at home. Lovely messages of support and encouragement.

  2020 Term 1 Week 8

Looking After Our Emotional Wellbeing, Reduce Stress in Yourself and Others, Religious Education, Naplan Practice Test, Important Parish Mass Announcement for Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March, Sibling Enrolment 2021

  2020 Term 1 Week 7

Principal's Message, Upcoming Dates, Religious Education, Cross Country 2020, General Parent Meeting, Thank You, 2020 Parent Representatives, Movie Night, Can You Help?, Sibling Enrolment for Kindergarten 2021

  2020 Term 1 Week 6

Celebrating 200 Years of Catholic Education, General parent Meeting, Afternoon Dismissal Procedures, Going Cashless, Religious Education, Movie Night, Reading Afternoon, What Happens in a Numeracy Block at St Angela's?, Medication Information

  2020 Term 1 Week 5

Catholic Schools Week, Thank You, Premier's Reading Challenge, Disco, Religious Education, OLOR Parish Movie Afternoon, Diocesan Swimming Carnival, Upcoming Dates, Star Spot, Catholic Schools Week Reading Afternoon

  2020 Term 1 Week 4

A Year of Celebrations, Fundraising Meeting, Year 5 Parks Excursion, Welcome Kindergarten 2020, Religious Education, Hills Zone Swimming Carnival, School Fees, After School Travel Arrangements, 2021 Kindergarten Enrolments

  2020 Term 1 Week 2

School parking, Kinder Drop Off and Pick Up, Safer Internet Day, Religious Education, Upcoming dates, Kindergarten 2021 Enrolment Information session and School Tour, Welcome, School Leaders

  2020 Term 1 Week 1

Welcome 2020, Grade Information Sessions, Kindergarten and New Families BBQ, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, St Angela's Staff, Happy Birthday, 2020 Medication Forms, School Census Day, Allergy Information

  2019 Term 4 Week 9

Heartfelt Thanks, Christmas Concert, Swimming Carnival, Religious Education, Shine Quest, Star Spot, 2020 Prescribed Medication Forms, Chess Grand Finals, St Angela's Feast Day, Year 6 Graduation, Thank You

  2019 Term 4 Week 8

Christmas Concert, St Angela's Feast Day Celebration, Religious Education, Christmas Concert Costume insert, Upcoming Dates, School Leaders 2020, Meet Your Teacher for 2020, Christmas Hampers, Year 6 Dinner Disco,

  2019 Term 4 Week 7

Thank You to our Talented Staff at St Angela's, Save the Day, Special Food Day Thanks, Thanksgiving Mass, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, St Vincent de Paul Society Christmas Hampers Appeal insert, School Disco

  2019 Term 4 Week 6

Resilience, Farewell, Special Family Week Food Day, Thanksgiving Mass, Religious Education, Year 5 Leadership, Christmas Concert, Upcoming Dates, Mission Markets, School Disco, Thank You, Band Showcase, Support Services

  2019 Term 4 Week 5

Our Beautiful Children, Farewell, Writer's Festival Insert, Religious Education, 'Abbalanche' Parish Event, Swimming Program, School Disco, Mission Markets, Cricket Update, Upcoming Dates, Christmas Concert

  2019 Term 4 Week 4

So Much Wisdom and Experience in One Place, Welcome, Save the Date, Christmas Concert, Religious Education, Mission Markets, Band Showcase Evening, School Disco, International Teacher's day, Swimming Program, Basketball Gala Day

  2019 Term 4 Week 3

Grandparent's Day, All Saints and All Souls, Upcoming Dates, St Angela's Movie Night, Remembrance Day, Mission Markets, Year 4 Fizzics Incursion, Parish Event "Abbalanche", General Parent Meeting, Kindergarten Orientation

  2019 Term 4 Week 2

St Angela's Movie Night, Grandparents' Day, Religious Education, 2019 Swimming Program, Grade Assemblies, Upcoming Dates, Infants Athletics Carnival, Term Dates, School Hats, Allergy Information, St Angela's School Band

  2019 Term 4 Week 1

Welcome back to Term 4, Grandparent's Day, St Angela's Movie Night, Religious Education, School Travel Advice, Upcoming Dates, Parent Representative Meeting, Kindergarten 2020 Information Evening for Parents, School Hats, Sports Days

  2019 Term 3 Week 10

Thank You, Alec's Make-a-wish, You make me feel like dancing..., 2020 Information Evening, Voice of Youth Grand Final, Staff Development/Pupil Free Day, Religious Education, Wedding Congratulations, K - 2 Athletics Carnival, Dance Fever Challenge Night

  2019 Term 3 Week 8

Sports Mufti Day, Voice of Youth Semi Final Winner, Infants Athletics Carnival, Thank You, Update to Student Absence, Support Services, Dance fever, Sports News, Inter School Debating, Upcoming Dates, Religious Education

  2019 Term 3 Week 7

Principal's Message, Staff Development Day, Peer Support, Religious Education, Special Food Day, Grandparent's Day, Inter School Debating, Kindergarten - Year 2 Athletics Carnival, Voice of Youth, Chess Club, Upcoming dates

  2019 Term 3 Week 6

Father's Day Celebrations, General Parent Meeting, Voice of Youth, Family Week, 'Battle of the Bands', Thank You, National Safe Schools Framework, Upcoming Special Food Day, Jersey Day, Children's Workbooks Coming Home

  2019 Term 3 Week 5

Father's Day, Thank you for your feedback, It's Golfing Time!, First Reconciliation, Perspective, Jersey Day, Religious Education, Peer Support, Dance Fever, Zone Athletics, Battle of the Bands, Debating, Voice of Youth, Freedom

  2019 Term 3 Week 3

Feast of Mary McKillop, Feast of St Maximilian Kolbe, Father's Day Celebrations, Religious Education, Peer Support, Grade Assemblies, St Angela's Golf Day, Author Visit, Sports News, Father's Day Helpers, Values Matter,Important Dates

  2019 Term 3 Week 2

Mary MacKillop Feast Day, Jeans for Genes, School Census Day, Religious Education, Band, St Angela's Sports News insert, Important Dates, Make A Wish, ACARA Collection, Values Matter at St Angela's, Star Spot, Peer Support

  2019 Term 3 Week 1

Principal's Message, School Census Day, Theme for the Week, Commemorative Pavers, Jeans for Genes Mufti, 100 Days of Kindy, Voice of Youth,St Angela's Annual Golf Day, Medication Information, Baby News, Star Spot

  2019 Term 2 Week 10

Thank You, Upcoming Dates, What a Great Day for A Sausage Sizzle, Theme for the Week, Religious Education, Dance Fever, Photo Day Follow Up, Term Dates 2019, Inter School Debating, Consider This, Food for Thought

  2019 Term 2 Week 9

Parents as Partners, Upcoming Dates, Grade Assemblies, Religious Education, Athletics Carnival, Baby Boy, Happy Anniversary, Kindergarten Photography Exhibition, Mid Year Reports, Debating, Happy Birthday, Winter has Arrived

  2019 Term 2 Week 8

Thank You, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, A-E Mid Year Reports, Welcome, Resilience, Special Bathurst & Canberra insert, Religious Education, Sock Puppets in Year 3, Inter School Debating, Upcoming Dates,Soccer Gala Day, School Fees

  2019 Term 2 Week 7

Resilience, Above and Beyond, Resilience-The Playground Craze, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Peer Support, Debating, Rugby League Wrap Up, Year 1 Science Incursion, Athletics Carnival, Children's Work Books Coming Home

  2019 Term 2 Week 6

We Would Love Your Feedback, Bishop's Family Fundraiser, Family Week, Farewell and Best Wishes, Resilience, Term Dates, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, St Angela's Commemorative Courtyard, Congratulations, World Book Online

  2019 Term 2 Week 5

Tell Them From Me Survey, Upcoming Dates, Parliament House Visit, Debating, Religious Education, Year 3 Zoo Excursion, Sports News, Debating, Peer Support, Earn and Learn, Grade Assemblies, Confirmation Preparation

  2019 Term 2 Week 4

Principal's Message, School Photos, General Parent Meeting, 'Tell Them From Me' survey, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Resilience, Changing Going Home Arrangements, Peer Support, Parent Representative Meeting, Medication Information

  2019 Term 2 Week 3

Mother's Day, "Tell Them From Me" Survey, Religious Education, 'Chatterbox Live', Upcoming Dates, General Parent Meeting, Confirmation Preparation Weekend, 2019 Interschool Debating Competition, Annual Golf Day, Sports News, Year 4 Excursion

  2019 Term 2 Week 2

Mother's Day, Kindergarten Enrolments 2020, First Holy communion, Thank You, Theme of the Week, Religious Education, Peer Support, NAPLAN, Diocesan Cross country, St Angela's Annual Golf Day, Birthday Treats, Upcoming Dates

  2019 Term 2 Week 1

Welcome back, ANZAC Ceremonies, Mark the Dates, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Mother's Day, Winter Uniform, Peer Support, Mark Taylor Shield Cricket, NAPLAN, Touch Gala Day, PSSA Swimming Championships

  2019 Term 1 Week 11

ANZAC Day, Easter Egg Raffle, Congratulations, Save the Date - New school photo date, Religious Education, Mother's Day, From the Parish, Paul Kelly Cup, Star Spot, Winter Uniform, Premier's Reading Challenge

  2019 Term 1 Week 10

Movie Night postponed, Anzac Day, Upcoming Dates, From the Parish, Religious Education, Kindergarten Teddy Bear's Picnic, Year 5 Excursion, Mother's Day stall, Sport Edition insert, Easter Egg Raffle, Entertainment books

  2019 Term 1 Week 9

Movie Night, Resilience - Bounce Back, Term Dates, Religious Education, Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Night, Kindergarten Design and Make, Year 1 Grandparent Visit, Thank You, Artist of the Week, Cross Country, Woolworths Earn and Learn

  2019 Term 1 Week 8

Resilience - Keeping it on the Boil, Disco Thanks, Sibling Enrolment 2020, Naplan Practice Test, Star and a Wish, Mothers Day Stall Wrapping Night, 2019 Inter School Debating Competition, Movie Night, Sports Houses, Cross Country 2019

  2019 Term 1 Week 7

Principal's message, St Angela's Disco, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, Resilience - Bounce Back, Happy Birthday, Awards, Movie Night, Photos from reading afternoon, Star Spot, Special Food Day.

  2019 Term 1 Week 6

Catholic Schools Week, School Disco, Save These Dates, Religious Education, Second Hand Uniform Sale, First Holy Communion Preparation, Book Club, Medical Information, Journey Towards Easter, Oz Fashions Uniform News

  2019 Term 1 Week 5

Ash Wednesday Mass, Catholic Schools Week, Sibling Enrolment 2020, 2019 Parent Reps, Save the Date, Star Spot, Upcoming Dates, Religious Education, Diocesan Swimming Wrap Up, Journey Towards Easter at the Parish,Oz Fashions Uniform News

  2019 Term 1 Week 4

Kindergarten 2020 Enrolment Information Session and School Tour, thank You, Religious Education, Class Parent Reps, Save the Date, Mark Taylor Cricket, Hills Zone Swimming, Year 5 Fizzics Incursion, Star Spot

  2019 Term 1 Week 3

2020 Enrolment and Information Session, Religious education, Upcoming Dates, Class Parent Reps, Census Day, Medication Information, Celebrating Our Gifts, Grade Assemblies,School Fees, General Parent Meeting

  2019 Term 1 Week 2

Grade Information Sessions, Parent/Teacher Meetings, Kindergarten and New Families BBQ, Opening School Mass, Religious Information, Upcoming Dates, Kindergarten 2020 Enrolment Information Session and School Tour

  2019 Term 1 Week 1

Welcome, New Families BBQ, Grade Information Sessions, School Census, Religious Education, Upcoming Dates, St Angela's Staff 2019, Medication, Class Parent Representatives, Allergy Information